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18 June 2024

WA grower says new-age air cart the future of farming

WA grower says new-age air cart the future of farming Photo caption WA grower Daniel Bradford, who farms at Bunjil and is pictured with the family’s Morris 9 Series air cart and C3 Contour drill, was the first in the country to test the latest Morris 10 Series air cart last … [Read More]

31 May 2024

LiuGong loaders grow like mushrooms at ELF Farm Supplies

LiuGong loaders grow like mushrooms at ELF Farm Supplies Photo caption David Tolson, General Manager of mushroom compost supplier, ELF Farm Supplies, located in the Hawkesbury region, west of Sydney, with one of the LiuGong wheel loaders at the business, the high specification 856 model. It was initially purchased to hydraulically … [Read More]

29 April 2024

Section control savings just the start at Bolgart

Section control savings just the start at Bolgart Photo caption WA grower Curtis Guthrie, Bolgart, pictured with his Morris 9365 tow between air cart, says section control technology with the system has helped reduce overlap in some paddocks from about 10 per cent down to only 1.5pc. He expects a quick … [Read More]

12 February 2024

New seeding tech grows better Beaumont crops

New seeding tech grows better Beaumont crops Photo caption WA grower Darren Inkster, Beaumont, pictured overlooking a Morris Quantum air drill with Duncan Murdoch, McIntosh Distribution, during the Dowerin field days last season, says latest technological advances with the Morris bar are improving the family’s crops. WESTERN Australian grower Darren Inkster said … [Read More]

10 January 2024

LiuGong graders joining loaders on regional roads

Photo caption President of the Nungarin Shire in WA, Pippa de Lacy, Manager Works and Services Dave Nayda and Chief Executive Officer Ric Halse with the shire’s LiuGong 4230D motor grader. The shire was one of the first in the State to add a LiuGong grader to its fleet after … [Read More]

19 December 2023

Machinery equipment distributor celebrates 30-year milestone

Photo caption: Cam McIntosh, who commenced the McIntosh Distribution business, pictured congratulating John Duncan for 25 plus years of service during the company’s 30th celebrations. Photo caption: The McIntosh Distribution team pictured during its 30th celebratory conference in Perth. ONE of Australia’s major agricultural and construction equipment distributors has recently celebrated 30 … [Read More]

22 November 2023

Seeding problem solved for Pingaring growers

Photo caption: ACHIEVING accurate seed placement and an ideal seedbed in deep light soils has been a challenge for south-eastern wheatbelt grower Joe Varone, however upgrading to one of the latest precision bars that automatically adjusts to soil conditions has provided the solution. “Previously over this country, we could go too … [Read More]

13 October 2023

Big moves forward with green-on-green spot spraying

Photo caption: Kade Mutter, Three Springs WA, says growers should be getting green-on-green spot spraying systems “straight away’’ because of the chemical savings it achieves.. Photo caption: Kade checks over the Bilberry Intelligent Spot Spraying System installed on the 48-metre Pommier boom mounted on the family’s Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer. Photo caption: … [Read More]

03 October 2023

Fleck partners with LiuGong for strong client commitment

Photo caption: Fleck Earthmoving’s 30-tonne LiuGong 930E excavator at work. Photo caption: Fleck Earthmoving’s 14-tonne LiuGong 915E excavators have been involved in a lot of detail excavation works in Sydney, including for Sydney Water. They also have been used with various attachments, including a wet saw for rock sawing. Photo caption: Liam … [Read More]

03 October 2023

Versatile sprayer helps the bottom line in Southern NSW

Photo caption: Southern NSW growers Nick and Joe (second from right) Lawless with Hamish Dalitz and Mario Mete, of Rural Group at Cobram, and John Hill, McIntosh Distribution, national distributor for Miller sprayers, recently caught up to update the performance of the Lawless family’s Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer used for … [Read More]

03 October 2023

Liugong and SPH case study article September 2023

Partners in growth: Solution Plant Hire and LiuGong Solution Plant Hire (SPH), a leading provider of dry hire plant and machinery, has recently expanded its fleet with the addition of the LiuGong 915FCR excavator. Sam Townsend, SPH National Sales Manager, shares some insights into the company’s growth, its partnership with LiuGong, … [Read More]

26 September 2023

‘Surf ’n turf’ suits Cockmans

Photo caption: Josh McBeath, McIntosh & Son Geraldton, WA, with Terry (left) and Jeff Cockman, Allanooka, and a Morris 9682 air cart with input control technology (ICT) for section control. The family is looking forward to receiving a similar air cart for seeding next year that will be hitched to … [Read More]

11 August 2023

Ballarat Tractors expands ag range with Miller sprayers

Photo caption 1: Ballarat Tractors Sales Manager Sam Risbey, pictured with Peter Vella, National Miller Sales Manager with Australian distributor, McIntosh Distribution, says the size, efficiencies and technologies with the Miller sprayers held strong appeal for the business and the wider region. AN expanding agricultural equipment offering at Ballarat Tractors has … [Read More]

30 May 2023

Morris Quantum benefits now in bigger air drill

FOR all those growers waiting to take advantage of the exclusive benefits of the unique Morris Quantum air drills in a larger machine – the day has arrived! The Quantum range has been available in sizes up to 21 metres, however a new 24m air drill is set to roll off … [Read More]

19 May 2023

New grader brand on roads for SA council

Photo caption 1: Darren Zechner, Works Manager with the District Council of Franklin Harbour at Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, pictured with the LiuGong 4230D motor grader used for patrol grading of rural roads. Photo caption 2-4: The LiuGong 4230D motor grader “getting busy’’ on rural roads around … [Read More]

01 May 2023

New chemical batching system answers need for accuracy

Photo caption:Jon Dowding, McIntosh Distribution, with the new Batchmaster 1200 chemical batching system, which is set to further improve application accuracy for growers. THE industry message to mix and rotate chemicals for improved effectiveness and reduced resistance, combined with the pressure to limit usage due to rising input costs, has meant … [Read More]

14 April 2023

LiuGong big dig days return to Perth

IT’S back! The big LiuGong Dig, Ride and Drive that attracted equipment enthusiasts from regional, rural and metropolitan areas around the State back in 2021 is set to return to Perth next month. Attendees will once again be able to get down and dirty behind the wheel of a huge line-up of … [Read More]

30 March 2023

Windrowing sprayer vital for Southern NSW grower

Photo caption:Austin Pocklington, spray operator for the Ziebarth family over their properties through Southern New South Wales, takes a break from the office, one of the latest 7380 models from the Miller Nitro 7000 Series. Photo caption:Selecting a sprayer also for windrowing put Southern New South Wales grower John Ziebarth into … [Read More]

28 February 2023

Clean farm focus wins the war on weeds

Photo caption:Carey Loton, McIntosh & Son Wongan Hills and Andrew Vearing (right), Product Support Manager with de Bruin Engineering, caught up with Toodyay grower Aaron Candeloro during the recent harvest to update the performance of the family’s latest vertical, mechanical direct drive Seed Destructors. Photo caption:The Candeloros have Seed Destructors on … [Read More]

08 August 2022

Future in mind with seeder upgrade

McIntosh Willmott WHEN deciding to upgrade their decades-old seeding rig, the Willmott family in the Mid North region of South Australia had an eye on the best technologies available – a system with all the bells and whistles that would thrust them into the future and stand the test of time … [Read More]

08 August 2022

Big Wimmera crop gains are easier with new seeding rig

McIntosh Shady-Brae UPGRADING to a new seeding rig primarily for improved seed placement also has delivered a host of other welcome benefits for the ‘Shady-Brae’ cropping enterprise in Victoria’s Wimmera-Mallee region. Always appreciated by seeding system operators is much less maintenance and easier operation, both big ticks with their latest sowing unit. ‘Shady-Brae’ … [Read More]

28 April 2022

Section Control to Help Save on Fertilisers at Gairdner

MEDIA RELEASE Section control to help save on fertilisers at Gairdner Photo caption: Gairdner grower Gary Walter, pictured with Mark Tierney, McIntosh & Son Albany, and the family’s Morris 9555 tow-between air cart with input control technology (ICT). Gary says he is glad to have the section control technology to help limit … [Read More]

28 April 2022

Spray system specialist back in the flow with Miller

MCINTOSH EDITORIAL WITH FARM WEEKLY FRONT COVER Spike in demand for easy-to-use Miller sprayers USER-FRIENDLY operation of some of the most sophisticated application technologies in the agricultural spraying industry has seen a surge in demand for Miller self-propelled sprayers. Peter Vella, a long-term industry specialist who was recently appointed to the position of … [Read More]

12 January 2022

PARETA Farms in the Lower North has taken a liking to Western Australian inventions

PARETA Farms in the Lower North has taken a liking to Western Australian inventions for harvest weed seed management, with its latest move involving the adoption of a fully harvester-integrated system. It’s not surprising considering the herbicide-resistant weed populations that exist in long-running continuous cropping programs in WA, particularly of annual … [Read More]

12 January 2022

Cotton link to front-mounted spraying move

Photo caption: NSW grower Brett O’Hare (second from left) and his partner, Bonnie, who farm at Mirrool, with some of the team from Temora Truck and Tractor, Branch Manager Tom Harvey, Liam Moody (work experience) and Adam Prentice, during the delivery of the O’Hare’s new Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer this … [Read More]

03 December 2021

Spray system specialist back in the flow with Miller

Photo caption: Peter Vella, newly appointed National Miller Sales Manager with Australian distributor, McIntosh Distribution, is looking forward to reigniting his passion for spraying systems and further growing the Miller brand. LONG-TERM industry specialists are more of a unique breed today and after a brief period away from the spraying equipment … [Read More]

26 November 2021

Miller adds ‘Green-on-Green’ spot spray option

Photo caption: Miller Australia National Sales Manager Peter Vella and Bilberry Australian Sales Manager Josh Johnson are looking forward to the operation of Bilberry’s Green-on-Green spot spray technology on the front-mounted Miller sprayers. THE increased sophistication and customisation of the Miller sprayer range for Australian growers has been further enhanced, with … [Read More]

23 November 2021

Latest Miller move a ‘clear winner’ at Kojonup

The extra crop clearance provided by a new Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer has been welcomed by the Warburton family at Kojonup for clearing canola flowers when targeting sclerotinia disease in crops and pods during desiccation. A NEED for greater crop clearance when spraying flowering canola to control sclerotinia disease saw an … [Read More]

26 October 2021

Crop Dividers essential for spraying contractor

ADDING a set of crop dividers to spray equipment costs to help prevent wheel damage while in-crop spraying can be considered a bridge too far for some, but contractor Trent Ridgway now won’t run a self-propelled sprayer without them and his workload has doubled since making the move. Trent said his … [Read More]

26 October 2021

“Quantum Leap” for Eyre Peninsula growers

THE old adage “bigger is better’’ has certainly rang true for the Michaels family near Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsula this season after they took a “quantum’’ leap with their main seeding rig. Ashley Michaels and his fiancé Rachael, together with parents, John and Heather, crop just under 7000 hectares to … [Read More]

16 September 2021

DIG, RIDE & DRIVE with LiuGong machinery

Here’s your chance to feel the power and find out why LiuGong construction equipment has become so popular in WA! McIntosh & Son will have a extensive range of Liugong machinery available to dig, ride & drive on the day. Get up close to new releases, allow your operators to test drive … [Read More]

18 August 2021

Fight resistance; learn from past mistakes

      LIFE FINDS A WAY: In the case of herbicide-resistant weeds, the noted line of dialogue spoken by mathematician and chaos theorist Ian Malcolm, a character in the movie “Jurassic Park,” holds true: “Life finds a way.” That is, reliance on any single method of control will ultimately lead to resistance. … [Read More]

30 July 2021

Spot spraying a popular point of difference for NSW contractor

Spray contractor Greg Williment, of G & M Ag Spray at Griffith in New South Wales, says the suspended WeedSeeker 2 boom used with his Miller sprayer has proved invaluable over irrigation country and wider growers are now increasingly recognising its benefits. “I love the WeedSeeker 2 – it’s the … [Read More]

30 July 2021

Miller gets nod for most used farm machine

Leigh Fuller, Koolunga, SA, says the family’s Miller sprayer is put to work “pretty much every month’’ on their ‘Viewbank’ property.   THE most used machine on a farm is always going to involve a careful decision and for the Fuller family at Koolunga in the State’s Mid North, it’s the reason … [Read More]

23 July 2021

One-pass blanket, spot spraying impresses Vic growers

The Stoll WeedSeeker 2 boomspray during demonstrations in the southern Mallee, south-west Wimmera and Wimmera regions prior to this season. The system includes two tanks, a 6000-litre tank and another 2000L tank, each connected to a line and two Hypro pumps are used to run each individual line.   THE ability to … [Read More]

29 June 2021

Seeding done and dusted at Mt Barker

Aiden Smith Originally posted on Farm Weekly 4 June 2021 THE 2021 seeding program is done and dusted for Mt Barker mixed farmer Kieran Allison. Last week Mr Allison was busy on his Miller Nitro sprayer - making his sixth pass over his Pioneer canola crop, applying Intervix and a grass selective at … [Read More]

29 June 2021

Seeding decision rigour ensures machine confidence at Coorow

Daniel Birch Coorow Northern WA wheatbelt Continuous cropping wheat, canola and lupin enterprise on sandplain to heavy loam soils. How did you approach the decision to upgrade from extended use of an 18-metre Flexi-Coil bar and air cart to a Morris Quantum air drill and 9550 tow-behind air cart with section control technology? “We created … [Read More]

27 April 2021

Plenty of tech in latest Morris seeder

McIntosh & Son, Albany, Mt Barker client Keiran Allison's New Holland T9.560 tractor and Morris Quantum precision seeder rig in action on his farm finishing off the seeding canola. WITH seeding programs starting to gear up across WA, there have been some impressive rigs emerging from sheds to get the job … [Read More]

19 March 2021

Weed seed control veterans wait for the ideal system

Johnny Inferrera (left), McIntosh Distribution and David Thorne, McIntosh & Son, Wongan Hills, caught up with York grower Andrew Boultbee last harvest, who updated the operation and performance of one of the family's vertical, mechanical Harrington Seed Destructors, installed on their John Deere S680 headers. DESTROYING weed seeds via their harvesters … [Read More]

25 February 2021

Bar upgrade opens sowing window, boosts crops at Babakin

Seeding driver Kevin Turner, Western Australian grower Rohan Crombie, Babakin, and Duncan Murdoch, McIntosh Distribution, with the Crombie’s 12-metre Morris Quantum air drill and 7252 tow-behind air cart. DESPITE having a turn of the century air seeder, a strong focus on accurate seed placement meant the Crombie family at Babakin in … [Read More]

25 February 2021

Ag contractor extends his Morris family

New South Wales agricultural contractor Jordan Cosh, based at Moree, and Jeremy Matthews, of local Morris dealer, WJ Matthews, caught up on the performance of the latest addition to Josh’s Morris family, an 18-metre Quantum air drill. YOU know an agricultural contractor is happy with his decision on a new seeding … [Read More]

25 February 2021

Reduced weed burdens on horizon for Andersons

Ed Bride, McIntosh & Son Katanning, WA, checks in with local farmer Chris Anderson after the family recently completed another harvest with the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) installed on their New Holland CR9090 harvester. The Andersons are looking forward to improved weed control and appreciate avoiding windrow and paddock … [Read More]

11 February 2021

New ‘smooth Destructor’ limits weeds at Moonyoonooka

AREAPhoto caption: WA grower Warren Treasure, Moonyoonooka, pictured with Craig Harrington, McIntosh & Son Geraldton, says with the new vertical, mechanical Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD), the family now has the ideal system to help limit weed seed numbers. GROWER: Warren Treasure AREA: Moonyoonooka, Northern WA wheatbelt Cropping 2400ha to wheat, barley, canola, lupins … [Read More]

16 November 2020

New seeding bar, great crops at Skipton

Kiernan Molloy knew the seeding depth control on the family’s Skipton property in Victoria was not what it used to be. After deliberating between brands, he settled on a seeding bar that was simple to operate and also offered improvements in trash flow, penetration in dry conditions and inter-row sowing. … [Read More]

13 November 2020

‘Hands-off’ seeding with unique Morris system

YOU’RE on the seeder in a dry-sowing dust bowl, and/or in the middle of the night, pulling a tow-between bin and 21-metre bar “road train’’ heading towards a completed headland run. You take your hands off the wheel, automatically seeding stops and tines lift up over the headland and the rig … [Read More]

30 October 2020

Larger booms pushing efficiency, sprayer use

The Ward family near Mingenew have been long time users of Miller sprayers, turning them over after around 1700 hours. Comfort and durability have been the big attractions and by opting for a 48-metre Pommier boom with their latest Nitro 7420 sprayer, they are going to enjoy the comfort for … [Read More]

23 October 2020

Efficient seeding move delivers even crops at Cummins

Regular seeding system maintenance prompted the Jollys at Cummins in South Australia to update their sowing rigs this year. Not only did it save a lot of downtime, but it resulted in a significant improvement in crop germinations across their variable soils… AT A GLANCE Mixed cropping and livestock enterprise Seeding system upgrade Bar … [Read More]

08 October 2020

Best ever crop germinations with variable pressure packing

The West family at Kulin in the Western Australian wheatbelt were looking at sowing systems for years before deciding on a Morris Quantum air drill and 9 Series air cart with section control. It also included variable pressure packing, a new feature now having a big impact with progressive growers… AT … [Read More]

01 October 2020

Get ready for variable pressure packing

AT A GLANCE Auto-Pack variable pressure packing Effective soil-seed contact Ideal seed germination environment AT 55 years of age, Duncan Murdoch has been around tillage and seeding gear long enough to recall some of the major revolutions in the industry – and he believes we’re on the cusp of another one. Duncan has worked with … [Read More]

23 September 2020

New Morris air carts push seeding performance

Duncan Murdoch with national distributor for Morris, McIntosh Distribution, pictured in the company’s assembly area, says the latest Morris 9 Series air carts and range of system refinements all add up to a significant jump in functionality and performance for growers. GROWERS keen to reach the next level in seeding productivity … [Read More]