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23 September 2020

New Morris air carts push seeding performance

Duncan Murdoch with national distributor for Morris, McIntosh Distribution, pictured in the company’s assembly area, says the latest Morris 9 Series air carts and range of system refinements all add up to a significant jump in functionality and performance for growers. GROWERS keen to reach the next level in seeding productivity … [Read More]

18 September 2020

Major crop expansion prompts careful seeding system decision

For a major cropping expansion on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, Farm Manager Dean Bruce helped guide significant investment into new seeding rigs. They already had narrowed their focus to two suitable systems to choose from. Dean then went through things with a fine tooth and put together a list of … [Read More]

14 September 2020

Extra Spraying Support For Local Growers

GRIFFITH area growers can look forward to new levels of service and support for their spraying operations following the appointment of Codemo Machinery as the new local dealer for the popular Miller range of sprayers. The latest Miller 7000 range, together with Banjo, TeeJet and Pentair Hypro spray application technologies, as … [Read More]

31 August 2020

Broadacre crop seeding boost with new Morris C3 Contour

A monster seeding bar arrival that sets new levels of floatation, seed and fertiliser delivery, hydraulics for faster cycle times, and which also suits the most popular controlled traffic farming (CTF) systems adopted by serious broadacre croppers is always going to turn heads. Throw in the fact that it includes another … [Read More]

28 August 2020

Harrington Destructor Right Tool In The Toolbox

WEEDS. You’ll never get rid of them. But you can out your boot on them and that’s what farmers have been doing for more than 30 years with Integrated Weed Management (IWM) practices, ranging from spray-topping to chaff carts to windrow burning. AT A GLANCE: No gear boxes & less bearings Reduced the … [Read More]

24 August 2020

Contractor hails spot spray investment after drought

Like many spray contractors and growers, Nathan Porter had to think long and hard about a large investment into a spot spraying system. Coming on the heels of a drought and amid tough business conditions made it even more unsettling. Talk to him now and he will tell you it … [Read More]

09 July 2020

Harvest weed seed destruction benefits set to add up

Andrew Alexander thought it might be interesting having one harvester with mechanical weed seed control and one without last harvest on the family’s Riverina property. As rains prompted weed growth from earlier this year, the differences became quite stark. Andrew says where the weeds seeds were destroyed in some paddocks, … [Read More]

07 July 2020

Stratfords enjoy more spraying, less fuel

It's that time of the year again when you spend plenty of hours on the sprayer and while the Stratford family near Dowerin have long been fans of front-mounted self-propelled systems, they also are particularly appreciating the power and efficiency gains with their latest machine. Reece Stratford is the main sprayer … [Read More]

02 July 2020

Morris Industries Welcomes New Ownership

After a period of intense competitive bidding, Rite Way Mfg., Co. Ltd. has signed an agreement to purchase Morris Industries and take over full ownership of the Canadian seeding, tillage and hay specialist. Rite Way is a Canadian manufacturer of soil preparation, tillage and forage equipment predominantly sold into North America. … [Read More]

22 June 2020

Controlling Feathertop Rhodes Grass The Economical Way

Feathertop Rhodes grass can become a problem very quickly and the most effective herbicides to control it require significant investment. The Peters family on the Darling Downs found a solution. Darling Downs farmers Tabitha and Shane Peters with the new WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system installed on their older, three-point linkage, … [Read More]

17 June 2020

Riverina growers step up harvest weed seed control

Ryegrass and wild oats, including herbicide-resistant populations, continue to be a problem for the Days at Lockhart in New South Wales. They have conducted windrow burning to help control weed seeds, but prefer to maintain their stubbles. They have also fitted a swather sprayer to their canola windrower with good … [Read More]

27 May 2020

Harrington Seed Destructor - Live Webinar, Q & A

On Friday 22nd May, Harrington Seed Destructor held a free webinar for everyone to join from the comfort of their home or cab and ask questions on the day to be answered live. GUESTS INCLUDED Harrington Seed Destructor Product Specialist Johnny Inferrera WeedSmart Agronomist and harvest weed seed control researcher Peter Newman WA grower … [Read More]

25 May 2020

Government incentives buoys Seed Destructor sales

The Harrington Seed Destructor was recently reviewed in a Kondinin Group research report on harvest weed seed control (HWSC), citing a very successful performance over the 2019 harvest. The research team especially liked the system’s high weed seed kill rates, simple mill bypass and sieve loss evaluation, its drivetrain and, … [Read More]

09 April 2020

Weed destructor pays dividends for Campbell

Wyalkatchem farmer Campbell Jones with his son Jacob next to the new vertical mill mechanical-drive Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor which he says is an improvement on the hydraulic version he used for the previous three years.   WYALKATCHEM farmer Campbell Jones doesn’t mind the description ‘guinea pig’ when discussing the Integrated Harrington … [Read More]

07 April 2020

Seed Destructors beat spraying, burning jobs

The Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) was recently reviewed in a Kondinin Group research report on ‘Harvest Weed Seed Control’ (HWSC), citing a very successful performance over the 2019 harvest. The research team especially liked the Seed Destructor’s high weed seed kill rates, simple mill bypass and sieve loss evaluation, its drivetrain and, importantly, … [Read More]

07 April 2020

Dream start with one of the latest tools to clean up paddocks

Katanning grower Ian Knapp (right), with his father Ron, who helped build the original Harrington Seed Destructor with its inventor, Local WA farmer Ray Harrington. Ian completed a successful harvest recently using the latest Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor installed on the family's NEw Holland CR 10.90 harvester. Ian also worked … [Read More]

07 April 2020

Demos shine light on impressive spot sprayer features

Northern Wheatbelt growers pictured discussing the workings of the new WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system from Trimble during an on-farm demonstration. SUMMER weeds are yet to be a widespread issue for WA growers, but this has not deterred them from viewing demonstrations of the new WeedSeeker 2 system from Trimble, intent … [Read More]

20 December 2019

Smooth Sailing with New Vertical iHSD

 Richard Davies (second from right), who farms in the Coorow and Carnamah areas, with Johnny Inferrera and Max Herbert (right), McIntosh Distribution, and Matt Howard, McIntosh & Son Moora, during an inspection of a vertical Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) fitted to the Davies’ new harvester, a New Holland CR … [Read More]

20 December 2019

Extra Harvest Rewards for Katanning Brothers

Katanning growers Stephen and Richard (right) Marshall with header operator Garry Gardiner and Stephen’s son, Luke, showcasing one of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructors installed on their two New Holland CR 90.70 headers for this harvest. KATANNING cropping brothers Stephen and Richard Marshall were pleased to wrap-up the 2019 grain harvest … [Read More]

31 October 2019

Unique spot sprayer features attract growers

With the new WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system from Trimble, there are effectively 30 per cent fewer sensors, adding up to a significant reduction in overall weight on booms, and they line up with most common sprayer nozzle spacings, allowing ease of plumbing.   GROWERS keen on investing in a spot spraying … [Read More]

11 October 2019

WeedSeeker 2 demonstrations hit the target for growers

Growers pictured inspecting the new Trimble WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system.   Scott Jameson, McIntosh Distribution, pictured discussing the ISO capability and look of the WeedSeeker 2 platform on screens. It can integrate with growers’ existing systems. Water sensitive paper was used with the WeedSeeker 2 demonstrations to highlight the small weed sizes … [Read More]

26 August 2019

New Generation Spot Sprayer Released

TRIMBLE has upped the ante in the selective spot spraying market with the launch of the new generation of its WeedSeeker platform. Building on decades of system knowledge, the WeedSeeker 2 spot spraying system has involved a complete redesign and introduces a number of new improvements and features, whilst also maintaining … [Read More]

24 May 2019

Section Control, New Air Drill Enhances Seeding at Amelup

Amelup grower Darren Moir and brother-in-law Paul Richardson with Michael Fethers, McIntosh & Son Albany, and the family’s Morris 9450 air cart that is fitted with Input Control Technology (ICT). THE Moir family at Amelup in the Great Southern already is achieving 5% crop input savings since moving to section control … [Read More]

18 April 2019

Morris Industries President in Wongan Hills

Morris owners at last week’s Morris Input Control Technology (ICT) training day at McIntosh & Son Wongan Hills branch were given a pleasant surprise with the attendance of two senior Morris executives. Morris Industries President and Chief Executive Officer, Ben Voss (right) is pictured with McIntosh Distribution’s Eliot Jones, Morris … [Read More]

05 April 2019

Independent Tests Prove Weed Seed Kill Rate With New iHSD

INDEPENDENT commercial testing has confirmed a weed seed kill rate of up to 99 per cent plus with the latest version of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) at various harvester speeds. The new vertical, mechanical direct drive iHSD was released earlier this year following the successful testing last harvest of … [Read More]

22 February 2019

Major Game-Changer for Integrated Weed Control Technology

A close up of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) showing 'talcum powder' residue from the iHSD crowded out under the material from the chopper on top. This ensures dust is kept away from the engine bay. A New Holland 9.90 header in action at Broomehill last Friday demonstrating the new … [Read More]

24 January 2019

New Low Cost, Vertical Weed Seed Destructor Launched

A rear hatch made possible with the new design of the vertical iHSD can be removed and the iHSD bypassed to effectively create a harvest windrow for easily checking grain losses, while a trap door at the bottom also collects any foreign objects coming into the system. Growers in WA’s northern … [Read More]

02 January 2019

More grunt from Miller’s new Nitro 7000 Series

Dealers from around Australia were given the opportunity to view the new Miller Nitro 7420 at a recent Miller event held in Perth, hosted by McIntosh Distribution. THE latest addition to the popular Miller sprayer family was officially launched this week, with features including a more powerful, fuel-efficient engine and a … [Read More]

19 December 2018

Quantum sales pressure supplies for 2019

HUGE demand for the revolutionary new Morris Quantum air drill already is putting it in short supply for the 2019 season. Launched in June, the Quantum air drill features unique interlocking frame technology that has made it 154% stronger than previous drills and will set a new standard for the durability … [Read More]

19 December 2018

LiuGong Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary and the Production of 400,000+ Loaders

November 26, Liuzhou, China - Today, LiuGong's 60th Anniversary Celebration was held at LiuGong International Industrial Park in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. Attendees included domestic and overseas customers, distributors, suppliers, government officials, shareholders, and stakeholders who have worked with LiuGong throughout its 60 years. LiuGong, distributed in Western Australia and South Australia … [Read More]

18 December 2018

Thumbs Up For Seed Destructor Upgrades

Published in Farm Weekly December 13, 2018 Western Australian grower Warren Treasure, Moonyoonooka, pictured with Craig Harrington, McIntosh & Son Geraldton, and the upgraded Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) fitted to the family’s new harvester, a New Holland CR 10.90. LATEST developments with harvester-integrated weed seed destructor technology are being given the … [Read More]

29 November 2018

Sprayer demonstrations help improve grower applications

ONGOING demonstrations of Miller sprayers across the country this season have focused on assisting growers with their applications to help improve the results of their spray treatments. The demonstrations have featured the popular Miller Spray-Air technology, flagship Nitro 6000 Series sprayers and the Condor GC Series, as well as products like … [Read More]

22 October 2018

Wise Crop Investment Set to be Recouped in Just Two Seasons

Brad Wilson, Farm Manager at the KLK Farms property at Northampton in WA, with the Morris 9445 air cart that is fitted with Input Control Technology (ICT). The system incorporates five ICT sections across the seeding bar. FRUSTRATED with overlap resulting in wasted crop inputs, Input Control Technology (ICT) has proven … [Read More]

12 October 2018

Upgrades to Further Enhance Seed Destructor

  The reduction in weeds in the iHSD harvested area. The weed population in the area harvested without the use of the iHSD. Max Herbert, McIntosh Distribution, and McIntosh & Son Southern Branches Manager Devon Gilmour pictured showcasing the iHSD fitted to a New Holland CR10.90 combine harvester at the recent Newdegate Machinery … [Read More]

20 September 2018

Nitro Sprayer Gives Precision Control

McIntosh & Son mechanic Steve Rowland (left) and McIntosh Distribution's Mike Symes discuss the performance of the Raven Hawkeye Nozzle Control System fitted to this Miller Nitro 6365 self-propelled boomsprayer that was delivered to a Morawa farmer. MCINTOSH & Son has sold the first Miller Nitro self-propelled boomsprayer in the northern … [Read More]

20 August 2018

Seeding sectional control saves 10% at Toodyay

Seeding sectional control saves 10% at Toodyay Western Australian farmer Jerome Candeloro, Toodyay, with the family’s Morris 9555 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT) and integrated liquid tank. Jerome says the family is now seriously considering switching their other two air carts to Morris carts with ICT. SEEKING to replicate the … [Read More]

12 July 2018

New Air Drill Impresses in the Mallee

New air drill impresses in the Mallee Nathan Williams, Beulah, Morris Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Voss and Justin Ward, of Belle-Vue Trading at Warracknabeal in Victoria, pictured inspecting the new Morris Quantum air drill during seeding on the Williams’ property. VICTORIAN Mallee grower Nathan Williams faced bone dry conditions … [Read More]

12 July 2018

Crayfishing Family Invests In Top Rated Machinery for Cropping Move

Crayfishing Family Invests In Toprated Machinery for Cropping Move McIntosh & Son customised a Morris 9445 air cart with Elmers Transfer Tracks for the Thompson family to use on their property between Walebing and Gabalong. THIS season marked a milestone for the Thompson family, with their first official crop sown and establishing … [Read More]

12 July 2018

Stainless Steel Now Standard on Morris 9 Series

Stainless Steel Pipes Now Standard on Morris 9 Series  Eliot Jones, McIntosh Distribution, shows off the stainless steel distribution pipes that now come as a standard fixture on new Morris 9 Series air carts. FARMERS investing in a Morris 9 Series air cart for the 2019 season can expect to see a … [Read More]

29 June 2018

‘Best Bar Ever’ Kept on Seeding at Kondinin

 Lee Armstrong, seasonal worker for the Smoker family at Kondinin, Max Herbert, McIntosh Distribution, Allen Smoker and Eliot Jones, McIntosh Distribution, with the new Morris Quantum air drill during its testing on the Smoker’s property at seeding this season. Growers pictured discussing the design of the new Morris Quantum air drill. … [Read More]

22 June 2018

Quantum leap for seeding bars

The new Morris Quantum air drill is 154% stronger than previous drills, thanks to patent-pending, interlocking frame technology. EVERY so often, something comes along that can change the landscape of farming and while revolutionary can be a loosely used term in today’s agricultural industry, it’s a rather apt description for the … [Read More]

22 June 2018

Esperance farm school looks to future with seeding investment

Ben Roost (left), Staines Esperance, Esperance Senior High School Farm Supervisor Phil Lindsay (right) and Eliot Jones (second from right), McIntosh Distribution, pictured with students overlooking the school’s new seeding bar, an 11-metre (35-foot) Morris Concept 2000 bar, which is hitched to a Morris airseeder, at the Esperance Farm Training … [Read More]

07 June 2018

York Growers Become Early Morning Advisers for New Sowing System

York grower Simon Chipper with the family’s Morris 9365 air cart fitted with Input Control Technology (ICT), ready for a third season of input savings. THERE’S not too many people who would be happy to answer a phone call from a stranger at 6am on a Sunday morning. But when that stranger … [Read More]

07 June 2018

Esperance Growers Reaping Benefits of New Seeding Technologies

Dale Guest, Staines Esperance, with a Morris 9650 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT), one of the most popular models with growers in the Esperance region. Staines is planning to demonstrate the technology with the Morris 9000 Series carts again this year during seeding in May. FARMERS in the Esperance … [Read More]

07 June 2018

Australia focus for Morris machine testing

Justin Ward, of Belle-Vue Trading at Warracknabeal in Victoria, and Morris Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Voss look over a Morris 9550 air cart with input control technology (ICT) with Victorian grower Nathan Williams, Beulah, during the Morris group’s recent tour across the country.   AUSTRALIA is increasingly becoming a … [Read More]

13 April 2018

Miller Sprayer Shines at Southern Drive Day

Photo caption: Growers pictured discussing the operation of the Miller Nitro 6000 Series sprayers and Miller Spray Air system during the self-propelled sprayer ride and drive day held by Stirlings to Coast Farmers at the Peiper family’s property near Woogenellup last week. A SELF-PROPELLED sprayer ride and drive day coordinated by … [Read More]

13 April 2018

Esperance Growers Reaping Benefits of New Seeding Technologies

Photo caption: Dale Guest, Staines Esperance, with a Morris 9650 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT), one of the most popular models with growers in the Esperance region. Staines is planning to demonstrate the technology with the Morris 9000 Series carts again this year during seeding in May. FARMERS in … [Read More]

18 December 2017

Bayer builds latest sprayer knowledge to help growers maximise returns

Photo caption Jon Bent (third from left), McIntosh Distribution, takes members of the Bayer WA team through the workings of the Miller Spray-Air system in Perth.  PUBLISHED 14 December 2018 (Farm Weekly) The Bayer team in WA has moved to enhance its knowledge of some of the latest spraying systems and technologies available … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Morris Section Control ‘Demos’

Morris section control ‘demos’ on now The Morris 9 Series precision air carts with “section control’’, which are saving growers thousands of dollars in seed and fertiliser costs, are being demonstrated to growers across the wheatbelt during seeding. Growers can contact their nearest Morris dealer to arrange a demonstration. WA graingrowers have … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Strong Equipment Focus Ensures Optimum Hay Efficiencies At Clare

Linc Ramsey, Branch Manager with Ramsey Bros at Riverton, and Clare grower Jim Maitland look over some of the Maitland’s hay equipment, including a ProAG 16k Plus Bale Runner and Krone baler. THE investment required for successful hay production enterprises demands an intense focus on ensuring operations are profitable. For the Maitland … [Read More]