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06 November 2018

Sprayer demonstrations help improve grower applications

ONGOING demonstrations of Miller sprayers across the country this season have focused on assisting growers with their applications to help improve the results of their spray treatments. The demonstrations have featured the popular Miller Spray-Air technology, flagship Nitro 6000 Series sprayers and the Condor GC Series, as well as products like … [Read More]

22 October 2018

Wise Crop Investment Set to be Recouped in Just Two Seasons

Brad Wilson, Farm Manager at the KLK Farms property at Northampton in WA, with the Morris 9445 air cart that is fitted with Input Control Technology (ICT). The system incorporates five ICT sections across the seeding bar. FRUSTRATED with overlap resulting in wasted crop inputs, Input Control Technology (ICT) has proven … [Read More]

12 October 2018

Upgrades to Further Enhance Seed Destructor

  The reduction in weeds in the iHSD harvested area. The weed population in the area harvested without the use of the iHSD. Max Herbert, McIntosh Distribution, and McIntosh & Son Southern Branches Manager Devon Gilmour pictured showcasing the iHSD fitted to a New Holland CR10.90 combine harvester at the recent Newdegate Machinery … [Read More]

20 September 2018

Nitro Sprayer Gives Precision Control

McIntosh & Son mechanic Steve Rowland (left) and McIntosh Distribution's Mike Symes discuss the performance of the Raven Hawkeye Nozzle Control System fitted to this Miller Nitro 6365 self-propelled boomsprayer that was delivered to a Morawa farmer. MCINTOSH & Son has sold the first Miller Nitro self-propelled boomsprayer in the northern … [Read More]

20 August 2018

Seeding sectional control saves 10% at Toodyay

Seeding sectional control saves 10% at Toodyay Western Australian farmer Jerome Candeloro, Toodyay, with the family’s Morris 9555 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT) and integrated liquid tank. Jerome says the family is now seriously considering switching their other two air carts to Morris carts with ICT. SEEKING to replicate the … [Read More]

12 July 2018

Crayfishing Family Invests In Top Rated Machinery for Cropping Move

Crayfishing Family Invests In Toprated Machinery for Cropping Move McIntosh & Son customised a Morris 9445 air cart with Elmers Transfer Tracks for the Thompson family to use on their property between Walebing and Gabalong. THIS season marked a milestone for the Thompson family, with their first official crop sown and establishing … [Read More]

12 July 2018

Stainless Steel Now Standard on Morris 9 Series

Stainless Steel Pipes Now Standard on Morris 9 Series  Eliot Jones, McIntosh Distribution, shows off the stainless steel distribution pipes that now come as a standard fixture on new Morris 9 Series air carts. FARMERS investing in a Morris 9 Series air cart for the 2019 season can expect to see a … [Read More]

12 July 2018

New Air Drill Impresses in the Mallee

New air drill impresses in the Mallee Nathan Williams, Beulah, Morris Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Voss and Justin Ward, of Belle-Vue Trading at Warracknabeal in Victoria, pictured inspecting the new Morris Quantum air drill during seeding on the Williams’ property. VICTORIAN Mallee grower Nathan Williams faced bone dry conditions … [Read More]

29 June 2018

‘Best Bar Ever’ Kept on Seeding at Kondinin

 Lee Armstrong, seasonal worker for the Smoker family at Kondinin, Max Herbert, McIntosh Distribution, Allen Smoker and Eliot Jones, McIntosh Distribution, with the new Morris Quantum air drill during its testing on the Smoker’s property at seeding this season. Growers pictured discussing the design of the new Morris Quantum air drill. … [Read More]

22 June 2018

Quantum leap for seeding bars

The new Morris Quantum air drill is 154% stronger than previous drills, thanks to patent-pending, interlocking frame technology. EVERY so often, something comes along that can change the landscape of farming and while revolutionary can be a loosely used term in today’s agricultural industry, it’s a rather apt description for the … [Read More]

22 June 2018

Esperance farm school looks to future with seeding investment

Ben Roost (left), Staines Esperance, Esperance Senior High School Farm Supervisor Phil Lindsay (right) and Eliot Jones (second from right), McIntosh Distribution, pictured with students overlooking the school’s new seeding bar, an 11-metre (35-foot) Morris Concept 2000 bar, which is hitched to a Morris airseeder, at the Esperance Farm Training … [Read More]

07 June 2018

York Growers Become Early Morning Advisers for New Sowing System

York grower Simon Chipper with the family’s Morris 9365 air cart fitted with Input Control Technology (ICT), ready for a third season of input savings. THERE’S not too many people who would be happy to answer a phone call from a stranger at 6am on a Sunday morning. But when that stranger … [Read More]

07 June 2018

Esperance Growers Reaping Benefits of New Seeding Technologies

Dale Guest, Staines Esperance, with a Morris 9650 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT), one of the most popular models with growers in the Esperance region. Staines is planning to demonstrate the technology with the Morris 9000 Series carts again this year during seeding in May. FARMERS in the Esperance … [Read More]

07 June 2018

Australia focus for Morris machine testing

Justin Ward, of Belle-Vue Trading at Warracknabeal in Victoria, and Morris Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Voss look over a Morris 9550 air cart with input control technology (ICT) with Victorian grower Nathan Williams, Beulah, during the Morris group’s recent tour across the country.   AUSTRALIA is increasingly becoming a … [Read More]

13 April 2018

Miller Sprayer Shines at Southern Drive Day

Photo caption: Growers pictured discussing the operation of the Miller Nitro 6000 Series sprayers and Miller Spray Air system during the self-propelled sprayer ride and drive day held by Stirlings to Coast Farmers at the Peiper family’s property near Woogenellup last week. A SELF-PROPELLED sprayer ride and drive day coordinated by … [Read More]

13 April 2018

Esperance Growers Reaping Benefits of New Seeding Technologies

Photo caption: Dale Guest, Staines Esperance, with a Morris 9650 air cart with Input Control Technology (ICT), one of the most popular models with growers in the Esperance region. Staines is planning to demonstrate the technology with the Morris 9000 Series carts again this year during seeding in May. FARMERS in … [Read More]

18 December 2017

Bayer builds latest sprayer knowledge to help growers maximise returns

Photo caption Jon Bent (third from left), McIntosh Distribution, takes members of the Bayer WA team through the workings of the Miller Spray-Air system in Perth.  PUBLISHED 14 December 2018 (Farm Weekly) The Bayer team in WA has moved to enhance its knowledge of some of the latest spraying systems and technologies available … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Morris Section Control ‘Demos’

Morris section control ‘demos’ on now The Morris 9 Series precision air carts with “section control’’, which are saving growers thousands of dollars in seed and fertiliser costs, are being demonstrated to growers across the wheatbelt during seeding. Growers can contact their nearest Morris dealer to arrange a demonstration. WA graingrowers have … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Strong Equipment Focus Ensures Optimum Hay Efficiencies At Clare

Linc Ramsey, Branch Manager with Ramsey Bros at Riverton, and Clare grower Jim Maitland look over some of the Maitland’s hay equipment, including a ProAG 16k Plus Bale Runner and Krone baler. THE investment required for successful hay production enterprises demands an intense focus on ensuring operations are profitable. For the Maitland … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Major Miller Spray Air Efficiencies Keep on Coming at Bowenville

Major spraying efficiencies keep on coming at Bowenville Bowenville growers Murray and Lance (right) Wise and Terry Clark, of McIntosh & Son at Dalby, with the family’s Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer that also features the Miller Spray-Air system. Lance says the Spray-Air technology has allowed them to reduce water rates by … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Paul’s New Miller Spray-Air Nitro Delivers Him from his “Solitary"

Paul’s new Spray-Air Nitro delivers him from his "solitary" Matt Crettenden (left), from Ramsey Bros, Cleve, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, and local grower Paul Bammann, check over the Spray-Air boom on the family's Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer. National distributor McIntosh Distribution added an extra 0.5 metres to each … [Read More]

15 November 2017

New Miller Nitro 7310 launches in Australia

New Miller sprayer light on its feet A new, adjustable chassis design on the new Miller Nitro 7310 sprayer has resulted in a 5 per cent lighter machine compared with the Nitro 5240, allowing improved flotation and less compaction. It has also produced an industry high, 2-metre ground clearance, which will … [Read More]

21 September 2017

Seed Destructor Owners Excited with Latest Developments

Seed destructor owners excited with latest developments 1 September, 2017 FIRST-TIME grower users of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) are looking forward to adopting the latest developments with the technology for the upcoming grain harvest, as well as further improving their weed control, chemical use and soil nutrition through reduced burning. Comprising … [Read More]

21 September 2017

Fuel Costs Halved with new Miller Nitro 6333

Photo caption: Farmhand Laurie Steer (left), who is the main operator of the Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer at Grant and Tracey Collins’ Nyabing property in Western Australia, with Miller Sprayers Global Brand Leader Jason Hardy, Canada, on his recent trip to WA visiting Miller customers. ACHIEVING fuel savings of up to 50 … [Read More]

05 July 2017

New Miller spray system reduces rates,improves weed control, efficiency

New spray system reduces rates,improves weed control, efficiency 1 July, 2017 Published in Farm Weekly - Thursday 29 May 2017 (by Rohan Howatson) BEING able to reduce water rates when spraying has seen an improvement in the performance of herbicides for Wubin grower Garry Cail. Garry has cut water rates down to 28 litres … [Read More]

19 June 2017

Australian farmer's weed-destroying invention draws world interest, the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (IHSD)

Published ABC Landline - Monday 19 June, 2017 (by Prue Adams) An Australian farmer's invention, which destroys weed seeds during harvest, has the potential to reduce the need for herbicides in grain farming and is gaining interest from around the world. The Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) is the brainchild of Western Australian … [Read More]

11 April 2017

Lower water rates with Spray-Air deliver best crop spraying results

NEW and existing owners of the Spray-Air boom technology are looking forward to further gains in crop spraying efficacy and productivity in the coming season following recent specialised training and demonstration days at Moree and Corowa in New South Wales. Staged by McIntosh Distribution, the events updated the operation of the … [Read More]

11 April 2017

Seeding upgrade improves productivity, crops at Mannum

Originally published - 6 February, 2017 INVESTING in a new sowing rig has improved the timeliness and productivity of the Bormann’s cropping operation near Mannum, while pushing their program a little harder and feeding crops more has also helped them collect a couple of local awards along the way. Adrian Bormann and his … [Read More]

02 December 2016

‘Game changer’ for weed seed control (Farm Weekly)

Farm Weekly, 1 December 1 2016 (Pages 34-35) By KEN WILSON McIntosh & Son Katanning, Kulin and Albany branch manager Devon Gilmour (left) and Nyabing farmer Warrick Browne discuss the features of the Integrated Harrington Weed Destructor, ordered by the Browne family when they pre-ordered two New Holland 9.90s last year.   THE Integrated Harrington … [Read More]

05 July 2016

Morris - Section Control Delivers Better Seeding Savings (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly 30 June 2016 (Pages 28-29) Growers are saving up to 12.5 per cent seed and fertiliser in some paddocks using Morris 9 Series air carts with Input Control Technology (ICT) WA CROPPERS who have enjoyed the benefits of section control on their sprayers are now reaping the savings from using it … [Read More]

27 May 2016

Morris - Accurate Placement Key to Optimum Production (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly 26 May 2016 (Pages 30-31) The Morris C2 Contour drill is also showing superior performance in demonstrations when it is hitched to the manufacturer's 9 Series Precision Air Cart and configured with its paired-row double shoot opener system.   MAXIMISING input efficiency as well as production potential is the ultimate objective for … [Read More]

02 May 2016

WeedSeeker - Spot spraying also saves feed for stock

John and Allen Hathaway’s 24-metre Quick Attach WeedSeeker Kit, which clips on to a gooseneck boom, run behind John’s Toyota Landcruiser. The technology has been a valuable addition to the Hathaway’s spray contracting business. Using the WeedSeeker for a farmer client in Hyden-Pingaring, spray contractor John Hathaway was able to selectively … [Read More]

18 April 2016

Morris C2 Contour Drill - Quick crop establishment avoids winter stock feed gap at Cowra

Adam (left) and Graham Wallace, Cowra, with Beulah Machinery Manager Travis Hengen, who assisted the Wallaces in purchasing their 14-metre (47-foot) Morris C2 Contour drill. Cowra farmers Graham (left) and Adam Wallace in a lucerne crop sown with their 14 metre (47ft) Morris C2 Contour air drill. They will soon strip … [Read More]

31 March 2016

Morris C2 Contour Drill - Accurate seed, fertiliser placement a key to optimum crop production

Growers take a closer look at the configuration of the Morris C2 Contour drill during a field day held by Cowra dealer, Beulah Machinery. Paddock demonstrations have shown good even sowing depth with the C2. MAXIMISING input efficiency as well as production potential is the ultimate objective for many farmers, and for … [Read More]

17 December 2015

Miller Spray-Air Technology - Air boom spraying gains spark grower interest

Jon Bent (right), McIntosh Distribution, and growers and agronomists in the Red Bobs area of the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales pictured collecting spraying samples following a demonstration of the Miller Spray Air system on a Miller Nitro, front-mounted self-propelled sprayer. Jon Bent, McIntosh Distribution, talks to growers and agronomists … [Read More]

24 November 2015

WeedSeeker - Summer spraying made easier at Katanning

Katanning farmers Matt (left) and Simon Kerin (right) with McIntosh and Son Katanning sales representative Dan Tracey, looking over their 36-metre Quick Disconnect WeedSeeker Kit, which attaches to their existing self-propelled sprayer. INVESTING in spot spraying technology has already delivered big benefits for Katanning farmer Simon Kerin.  Simon farms with his brother … [Read More]

20 November 2015

New Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer improves efficiencies, savings for growers

The innovative drive train system with the new Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer is helping deliver up to a 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. MILLER has released its latest self-propelled sprayer, with new features promising better efficiency, equating to saving growers time and money. The Nitro 6365 is the latest model … [Read More]

16 November 2015

New Miller Spray-Air Technology shows more effective spray coverage

Pictured is the spray coverage and quality between standard TeeJet TT nozzles and the Miller Spray-Air system following testing in a dense oaten hay crop on Chris Hockey’s Gibson property.    The Miller Spray-Air technology at work, pushing the spray into the crop canopy.   SPRAYING comparisons using an air boom system against … [Read More]

03 November 2015

Versatile Miller Nitro 5000 Series sprayer increases efficiency, productivity at Burra

Pictured with one of the Miller Nitro 5000 series multi-task sprayers on Princess Royal Station, near Burra in South Australia, is Daniel Booth, Princess Royal Station, Nigel Hodge, McIntosh Distribution, Simon Rowe, Princess Royal Station and John Martin and David Hall, both of Ramsey Brothers Riverton. PRINCESS Royal Station is one … [Read More]

05 October 2015

Liverpool Plains seeding investment produces ‘extraordinary efficiencies’

Nick Beer, Brendan Lee and David Brownhill, Merrilong Pastoral Company, with the Morris 9 series granular cart featuring input control technology (ICT) and 18-metre (60-foot) RAZR disc drill the Brownhill’s put to work at seeding on their property this season. David said it delivered extraordinary efficiencies. Pictured is the excellent crop … [Read More]

22 September 2015

New wheel loader, expanded support lifts LiuGong market strength

The LiuGong 856 H wheel loader in action. Cameron McIntosh, McIntosh Distribution, says the latest LiuGong wheel loaders feature significant improvements and continue to deliver the manufacturer’s high performance at a most competitive price. A BRAND new wheel loader series and expanded national distribution and support are set to underpin LiuGong’s … [Read More]

02 September 2015

Newdegate grower removes overlap with Morris ICT

Newdegate farmer Brad Iffla and McIntosh and Son sales representative Dan Tracey pictured looking over Mr Iffla’s Morris 9550 air cart, which features the manufacturer’s new Input Control Technology (ICT). Dan Frampton, who helps out the Ifflas at Newdegate during seeding, Brad Iffla and Dan Tracey, McIntosh and Son, discuss the … [Read More]

10 August 2015

Front-mounted air boom to boost spraying returns

The Miller Spray-Air system now on the preferred Miller Nitro sprayers promises improved application efficiency and greater return on spraying investment for growers. In Canada, it has achieved desired spraying results with half of the normal amount of water and chemical applied, thereby also allowing environmental benefits.   THE much anticipated arrival … [Read More]

28 July 2015

Easy overlap control to save growers more - Morris Input Control Technology

Morris has made ICT (Input Control Technology) available with its latest 9 Series air carts, helping save fertilisers and seed for growers by eliminating overlap. Via GPS and the Topcon X30 controller with the Morris carts, the gear drive system for the metering wheels can be quickly engaged or disengaged, allowing … [Read More]

04 March 2015

McIntosh Distribution Relocates Parts Distribution to Larger Facility

McIntosh Distribution Relocates Parts Distribution to Larger Facility   To support the growth of McIntosh Distribution - Perth, has relocated its Parts Distribution to a larger facility. The new address is: 45 Bungana Avenue, Perth Airport, WA 6105 [Read More]

12 February 2015

Morris Contour Drill 2 (C2) Out Yields DBS, Seedhawk in West Midland Group Trials - Farm Weekly 05/02/2015

A seeding demonstration trial coordinated by the West Midlands Group at the Badgingarra Research Station last season has reinforced the performance of the paired-row double shoot opener system in the Morris Contour Drill 2, in non-wetting and sandy soils. Published in the Farm Weekly on 5 February 2015, read the full … [Read More]

12 November 2014

McIntosh Distribution opens parts warehouse in Tamworth

McIntosh Distribution opens parts warehouse in Tamworth McIntosh Distribution is committed to providing customers and dealers with excellent customer service. The opening of a parts warehouse in Tamworth allows McIntosh Distribution to continue providing high levels of service. McIntosh Distribution Tamworth complements the existing warehouse in Perth, Western Australia, and a strong national … [Read More]

11 November 2014

WeedSeeker Releases Three New Spraying Products to High Acclaim

At this year’s field days, WeedSeeker released three new products, the WeedSeeker Tug Along Boom, a higher capacity option for the Miller Nitro WeedSeeker Mono Boom, and new Quick Disconnect Stainless Steel Bracket Kits. These systems were on display at field days across Australia, attracting much interest and attention. Since McIntosh … [Read More]

03 October 2014

Miller Nitro's Injection Toolbar Enables Precise Fertiliser Application

Spraying and spreading equipment specialist Miller Nitro has introduced it's new Nitro Injection Toolbar to the Australian market, which allows growers to inject fertliser directly into the roots of their crops whenever it is needed. The brand’s Australian distributor, McIntosh Distribution had the toolbar out on display at its stand at … [Read More]

16 September 2014

WeedSeeker Sprayer Nabs Award at Dowerin 2014

WA-based spraying equipment manufacturer Sonic Boomspray’s new 3000-litre Weedseeker spot sprayer was awarded the "Best New Release- Machinery Attachments" award at the recent Dowerin Machinery Field Days. According to Sonic Boomspray Sales Manager Max Hebbermann, the machine is the first of its kind in the market being a trapeze suspended, dedicated … [Read More]