Miller Nitro's Injection Toolbar Enables Precise Fertiliser Application

03 October 2014

Spraying and spreading equipment specialist Miller Nitro has introduced it's new Nitro Injection Toolbar to the Australian market, which allows growers to inject fertliser directly into the roots of their crops whenever it is needed.

The brand’s Australian distributor, McIntosh Distribution had the toolbar out on display at its stand at the 2014 AgQuip field days in August.

According to McIntosh Distribution Miller sales rep Scott Jameson, the key benefit of the toolbar attachment is that it allows farmers to have full control over their fertiliser application and allows them to fertilise their crops at any time during the season.

"The way growers usually do their fertilising is they’ll be putting their fertiliser needs upfront before they plant the crop or while they’re planting the crop," he says.

"With the Nitro injection toolbar, it allows famers to crop first and then inject nitrogen fertiliser into the soil while the crops are actually growing."

By injecting the nitrogen directly into the root zone, the crops are able to absorb the fertiliser quickly and more efficiently; and there is less leaching, volatilisation, and leaf burning.

The toolbar can be attached quickly and easily onto any Quick-Attach equipped Nitro sprayers.

Watch the video as Jameson explains the toolbar in more detail and walks you through the Miller range and what it offers.

Story by: Carene Chong, Video by: Guy Allen

Original Article: Trade Machinery